F. A. Q.


Will you be open even though Covid-19 is growing so rapidly?

As of now we plan to be open only 2 weekends (because we moved) with more time between each time slot for a more efficient cleaning job.  We will also have a hand sanitizer station for when you enter our old studio and then again when you enter Santa's living space.  This is by appointment only and there are no lines so this helps slow the spread.  Most families are 4 - 5 humans total, so that is 10 or less.  Our photographer will be well over 6ft in distance away and will be masked for safety.  This year we are going to limited the close interaction that you are use to seeing with this candid approach.  We will also have to be super creative this season. 

If your child has a fever.  If your child has a small cough. 


This is not the year to be messing around with germs!

Masks will be worn when you enter and when you leave the main building.  We are working on the approach we can take indoors for our photography points.


1.) What is the Santa Experience South Padre Island?

The Santa Experience is 20 minutes of interaction with Santa with a photographer documenting real moments with candid interaction.

2.) What is the best age for this photography concept?

This concept is good for all ages.  The more they believe the more magical it can be.

3.) Is a newborn or a child under 12 months worth paying the money for?  How much interaction can possibly be done with a 1 - 6 month old?

The amount of interaction will be limited yes, however the possibilities will be endless.   Your child is only a little munchkin once and they are only little for not a long while.  How often will you get professional pictures of your child when they are tiny tiny?  This is a tradition you can do once a year in the most professional way possible while adding the most value to your family heirlooms.  Preserve this memory.  The USB and/or Album collection hold the most value for your family.

4.) Can my children go in together?

Yes.  Siblings are able to enter together.

5.) Can my 2 children go in with their cousins?

No.  The 20 minute time slots are for immediate family only.  What we are able to do are back to back sessions (30 to 40 minutes in total) of both parties.  For this type of arrangement each party would have to invest in some type of heirloom, in the past it has been both parties invested in the USB. With this investment there is more time to do more portrait style pictures and the signature spots we have created.  

6.) Does Santa like homemade chocolate chip cookies?

You bet he does.  This is a favorite for him, homemade chocolate chip cookies.

7.) How long will it take to view or receive my images.  Gallery or USB?

It will be 7 - 10 business days (weekdays) for you to view or receive your images through gallery or for you USB to be sent out.  Once you choose your 10 images it will be 1 - 2 days for you to be able to download those, at the most.  

8.) If I get the signature collection how long will it take for my album to get here?  Will it be here in time for Christmas?

*No albums will be made before Christmas.  Sorry.  The studio we use in Italy is at peak season for Christmas and any orders in November or December will not be made until after the holiday.

9.) How long will my gallery be up?

The gallery from each time slot will be up for (1) month from when the gallery is made.

10.) What happens to the gallery after the month?  Will I still have access to it?

After the gallery has expired there will be a charge of $25 to retrieve the gallery and re-upload everything.  The gallery will again have the same rules.

11.) How and when am I able to upgrade if I wanted to?

You are able to upgrade at 2 different opportunities.  

The day of your session you will be able to upgrade after the time slot is finished.  The 2nd time you will be able to upgrade will be on the website when you view your gallery to choose your images.  Please note there will be an up-charge on anything upgraded through our website. 

12.) Can I bring a dog or a pet?

Yes.  As long as they are well behaved.  Dog or cat. .

What do you suggest we wear for the photoshoot?  Pajamas?  Shoes?  Socks?  Something nice?

This part is totally on you and what you are looking for-for your family portraits.  We have photographed families in pajamas, onesies, nice dress, and casual.

13.)  Will there be any teasers?

Yes. the Thursday or Friday after your 20 minute time slot.