2019 Time Slot Dates & Times.


(10) Images | $125.00 

November | USB is $300.00 + tax 

December | USB is only $250.00 + tax

** Please Note that all USB UPGRADES the day of your Time Slot will be for regular price @ $300.00 + tax



November Time Slots Available, Delivered before Thanksgiving.



Other dates that could be added are December 21, 22. 


There have been special requests for Christmas Eve these are the times we made available for that.

$100.00 | Entry price for Sept and October.

This is for the 20 minute experience with Santa along with (10) images sized to be 8x12.

November 1, 2019 the price will increase to $125.00 for the 20 minute experience and the (10) images. 

December 1, 2019 will be our final price increase to $150.00 for the 20 minute experience and the (10) images. 

The USB Price will increase to $300.00 + tax in November.

This is a good opportunity to have your Christmas Portraits and Christmas Cards made early.  This is also your chance to spread out your Signature Heirloom investment into a payment plan.  This allows for less stress around the holidays.  

This will be based on a 1st come, 1st served basis.

This is our 3rd year with this Santa Experience SPI concept.  



The choices: 

  1.)  3 Year Signature Heirloom Collection Series  | $800.00 + tax (each year)

($300.00 Deposit Today)

  • Remaining balance before the session date. (Payment available in Oct if needed)
  • This $800.00 rate is locked in each year for (3) years.
  • (2) 20 Page 6x6 Storybook Album the 1st two years (Handcrafted in Italy)
  • (1) 20 Page 8x8 Storybook Album to complete the series for the last year
  • Full Story from each year on a USB | (3) USBs total (each USB being a different design)
  • Images sized to 8x12 with release.
  • Slideshow from 20 minute time slot ($400.00 value).
  • $800.00 + $66.00 Tax = $866.00 Total


2.)   USB | $300.00 + tax 

  • The USB is the FULL STORY from your 20 minute time slot with a minimum of 80+ images with a release. 
  • Images are sized to be 8x12.
  • Price increase in November to $300.00 + tax
  • $300.00 + $24.75 = $324.75 Total


3.)  (10) IMAGES  |  $125.00

  • Images sized to 8x12 with release.
  • Digital Download
  • September/October | $100.00
  • Price increase in November to $125.00
  • Price increase in December to $150.00 


4.)  (20) Page 6x6 Storybook Album  | $650.00 + tax. 

($300.00 Deposit Today) 

  • Remaining balance before the session date.
  • This album is beautifully handcrafted in Italy.  
  • Amount of images will vary
  • We design and create the album without you choosing the images that go into it.  We always shoot with the concept of album design in mind.  Once the design is approved by you we will then send the final design off for print. 
  • Please allow 3 weeks, 4 at the most, for delivery. 
  • Each 6x6 album comes complete with a box with a magnetic cover for easy access.    


We know November and December are very family directed times of year with Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The Santa Experience SPI is focused on just that, family.  We focus on creating a timeless experience for your family to enjoy.  Every moment is captured with the options of different heirlooms to pass down from one generation to the next.  We are an original family holiday tradition.



(20) Page Storybook Album

Shown is the 6x6. You can upgrade to a 8x8 album inside a 10x10 box with magnetic cover.