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Have you booked your time-slot yet?


If you are seeing this from the Rio Grande Valley & South Padre Island I am sorry to say but that season has been cancelled.  

At the moment we have ONE weekend scheduled here in New Braunfels, our new location.  With very limited space this year will sell out. 

This year we have ONE weekend and 15 sessions per day. 

If this is your first time hearing about this concept please continue reading for more information. 

This is not your typical mall Santa. 

This story takes place in "Santa's house".  This Christmas concept allows you to create a unique family tale during your 20 minutes of interaction with Santa.  The experience will have your children smiling and talking for weeks! 

We are inviting you to Santa's house for stories by the fireplace, cookies and milk, pictures in our signature photography points throughout the set.   

The approach we take is more relaxed. This allows more genuine emotion through staged interaction points.  Your time slot is customized for a more personal and magical feel.  This concept is based on real emotion with a mixture of candid and posed storytelling photography.  We have our camera clicking the minute the door begins to open.   

For more information please call, shoot us a message or see our F.A.Q. page. 

A lot can be answered on our F.A.Q. page.

** Please ask about our "(3) Year Signature Series Album Collection"

This 3 year collection is built for those to preserve precious moments and really value the mixture of photography and family heirlooms.

This must be three consecutive years.  This collection is the same rate locked in each year for (3) years.   This is great for those just starting a family, maternity, newborns, young children and those that just really enjoy the Holiday season and want to do something special.   The expression on your children's faces is priceless when Santa begins to talk about the customized time slot you have prepared is something that you will cherish throughout your lifetime.


For best use of the time slot create a small Christmas list with your child/children that they can bring in when they come to visit Santa. If you are able, provide a gift that you know will be on that list so we can get it to Santa to get to your child or children. The gift brings out real emotion that we are able to capture.  Baking chocolate chip cookies to bring into Santa produces a fun personal layer to the experience.  If they are a cried last year bring them this year!  Our approach there is no pressure. 

Our  (3) Year Signature Heirloom Album Collection Series

(2) 20-page 6x6 storybook album handcrafted in Italy for the 1st 2 years, (1) 20-page 8x8 storybook album for the final year, a USB with box, and a slideshow from your 20-minute time slot each year. This price is locked in yearly for (3) years as a heirloom collection series. This collection is broken down into 3 payments so it isn't such a burden when it get closer to the holidays.